RECESS bunker door - front Close quarters are easiest to tolerate with loved ones, and I would highly recommend leaving it at that. Your RECESS is your insurance policy, not the neighborhoods'. Once you've sealed yourself and your family in, settle in and be comforted by your foresight, vigilance, and preparedness.

Friends, frienimies, and food suppliers who are aware of the bunker may come knocking in a crisis. Your best course of action is to create your guest list ahead of time, and stick to it. If discretion fails and a hostile entity or panicked acquaintance tries to force their way into your bunker, an intimidating and adequate barrier will save your life.

The door on my RECESS is made of a mixture of plate, angle iron, and square tube steel. The design is optimized to intimidate and defend against breach. The outer layer is made of welded vertical strips of angle iron to deflect gun fire and reduce surface purchase. Behind the angle iron is 250 lb of reinforcement. The door swings in to avoid accidental entrapment, seating flush into a 4" square tube steel frame. (see my bunker door ballistics tests here)

bunker door design sketch
Be wary of any design that is over-complicated or places you at risk of being trapped. My door uses no locks, just a simple set of U hangers and a pair of steel bracing bars.

I'm a terrible welder, so my friend Mo Mata-Hill has been helping me out with the metal fabrication.  *UPDATE* - Installation shots of the bomb shelter door can be seen here.

bunker door design sketch