With the initial structure complete, our next task was to cloak RECESS within the new landscape. Jess Dunn, a landscape architect and friend, helped to draft a clever design.

The plan masked the rectangular form of RECESS within a series of curves, and raised the level of the lower yard in an attempt to conceal the existence of the much deeper cavity. One fundamental design consideration was the total eradication of the original pool. The new yard plan had to break far enough from the structure of the previous one that even long-term residents of the neighborhood would approach this as an entirely new space - with an inherent belief that no trace of the original yard (or pool) was left.

We added a new deck of stamped stained concrete, new stairs that carried down to the lower yard, and broke every original line.

Landscape Plan

Here you can see the hardscape beginning to take shape. The decking material will be stamped, stained concrete. The slab sitting above the RECESS is 1000 sq ft, at a depth of 5 inches, reinforced with a rebar grid.

Landscape Plan Executed

The pink insulation delineates the RECESS. 15 yards of sandy soil taken from the banks of the Rio Grande are compressed into the space surrounding the bunker, and the curve of the exterior wall should theoretically assist in the deflection of extreme compressive force. Hit the jump to see a shot of me tying rebar.

backfill and insulation

tying rebar