One of the biggest hurdles in my RECESS construction is the lack of access to the site. It's impossible to get even the smallest construction vehicle into my backyard. The only passage is a single, wheel barrow wide channel with multiple step downs and two sharp ninety degree turns. Accessing via the adjacent properties would mean either tearing down a block wall, or scaling 20' up one from the property below.

the concrete pump truck destroys my plan of "discrete construction"

concrete pumpIn the long run, these barriers serve as an additional layer of protection; insurance that any yahoo with a winch on his pick-up, or enough diesel cached to run a bobcat, won't be able to roll up to my bunker and pull the door off the hinge. In the short run, it meant that every pound of the 20 yards of concrete brought in thus far was done by hand. The final pour (another 7.5 yards of colored concrete) came in over the roof.

This last layer added between five and six inches of additional concrete slab to the top of the existing structure. The presence of the pump truck also completely annihilated my plan for "discrete construction." Every neighbor on the block stopped by to ask what was going on. The upside was that once the pour was complete and the deck stabilized, I had no qualms taking my neighbors back to see our new "deck," because the shelter was effectively hidden in plain sight.

Pour Comlplete 
Pour Complete, the Bomb Shelter is hidden in plain sight