As I continue to shape and organize the space inside the RECESS I felt it was time to share a few images of the inside of the bunker:

standing in the bunker

Standing is a bit tight inside my RECESS. The ceiling height was capped at 5'5"  in order to keep with the original concept of the retrofit. The floor (epoxy sealed and painted with traction grit) sits exactly where the deep end of the swimming pool had been. It's plenty comfortable while sitting or lying down.

The drain in the center of the room re-imagines the pool's filtration system as a waste-removal port and emergency flood relief. The walls are bright white from the waterproofing compound. To date, I have hand-powered ventilation, solar power (seen illuminating the room), cellular service, pirate radio, broadband internet, grid power and city water (seen below).

water jugs to be used as a table base