PVC bow

PVC bow and quiver
The bow is a truly natural device, with a rich history going back as far as 60,000 years. A simple to build, yet effective tool for hunting or defense, the bow was the gun of yesterday's armies (until gunpowder came along, anyway). It feels effortless in it's design and requires very practically no specialized material or skill to construct.

This design relies on a scrap of PVC, some speaker wire, a piece of pipe insulation and a bicycle seat-post quick release.

The arrows can be fashioned out of any straight stock. These are dowels rods, with parakeet feather fletching. If lacking dowels, one might use sticks, lightweight curtain rods, or tent poles. The quiver is a useless old ArtBin storage tube.

A DIY drawing will be posted soon. If you are looking for another way to lance rabbits check out my arrow gun here and here.