I used to build this type PVC cannon when I was a kid. Back then I used a tire valve and an electric air compressor to pressurize the chamber and propel the golf ball. These days, my PVC Cannon is adapted for internal combustion (a la potato gun).

You can use just about any aerosol or liquids that out-gas a substantial amount of volatile fumes. I prefer to use starer fluid, whenever it's available.

messagesThe combustion chamber has one weak side; a break away diaphragm that opens to the barrel. The thickness of the material used to create the diaphragm controls the strength of the discharge. A  few sheets of aluminum foil, plastic wrap, or a scrap of tarp works quite well.

This design was conceived of as as a "golf-ball propaganda cannon." It's not fast enough to serve as a weapon, but the cannon has great range and uses minimum fuel - perfect for short-medium distance communication.

In a RECESS situation, long after the courses have dried up and the sport has withered alongside the ill-considered Kentucky bluegrass, golf balls will serve as my carrier pigeons. If I aim my cannon downhill, the projectiles have the ability to quickly travel what may prove to be an impossible distance on foot. Short messages written on the golf balls can be used to call meetings, warn allies, send for help, elicit paranoia, or to build solidarity.

I'll produce a proper DIY (with parts list) for an upcoming post.