WTTNSHTFK is this?

11. 3.2010
WTTNSHTF KitDo you have a magic tool box to help you weather the apocalypse? What about your nearest neighbor? Are they ready for TEOTWAWKI?

I am not an expert survivalist, I am a student as much as I am a practitioner. My ideas and skills benefit from the collective experience and shared knowledge of my predecessors and I am grateful for their generosity.

One of the next steps in the evolution of this project is the creation and dissemination of "WTTNSHTFK's" or Welcome-to-the-Neighborhood-SHTF-Kits.

The idea is simple: I plan to design a simple and inexpensive preparedness kit and distribute one to each of the houses on my block. The items contained in the kit would aid the neighbor(s) in a short-term crisis, and help the neighborhood band together and endure a long-haul crisis. In a perfect world, the neighbor might bury the kit in the garage and never think about it again. If a crisis arose...the distributed kits would be ready, and my most local community would be stronger as a result. The action of gifting this resource and knowledge may also lead some neighbors to explore self-reliance and preparedness independently.

Ideally each kit would be $25-50, and the shelf life is indefinite. Items in this kit may be intended for combination with common household items, or they may be rare items that will quickly become scarce following a societal collapse.

Here is a short list of items I am considering for the WTTNSHTFK:

  • a solar or kinetic flashlight
  • inexpensive water filtration device
  • signal mirror
  • flint
  • waterproof matches
  • a propane tank valve adapter
  • a neighborhood resource map
  • a single 2 way radio tuned to a neighborhood band with extra batteries
  • seeds for climate appropriate vegetables
  • a slingshot

For the first time since I launched RECESS, I am asking for your direct comments*. Please consider posting your suggestions for the WTTNSHTFK. What would you include in the kit? What's a reasonable financial investment to make (per kit or total)? How would break the ice with your neighbors?

Comments will remain open on this post indefinitely.
*Please post respectfully. I will delete bigotry, irrelevant remarks, and anything meant to bring harms to others.