Using Google, Flickr, and an iPhone to Map Vital Resources in my Neighborhood

In a resource scarcity situation, knowing where to find strategic resources is essential survival knowledge. Pay careful attention to your immediate surroundings. In a RECESS situation, you may only be able to safely travel a few blocks in any direction. Maintain a careful record of known food/water stores, strategic vantage/defensive points, and worthy equipment near your home or place of work.

This is a Google Map and Flickr mashup designed to keep track of resources I spot while tigerwalking my neighborhood. When I spot something worth remembering, I use my cell phone to upload geo-coded photos to the map for later study.

Don't misunderstand this concept. I've been criticized for the exploitation/disclosure of resources in and around my home, or a supposed threat to commandeer them. That viewpoint is asinine, and clearly says more about the reader than it does about me.

There is also blustering outrage at the notion that I disclose the location of my survival shelter. Informed by a high regard for "OPSEC," this criticism presumes that the open disclosure will lead to my immediate demise once the hoards of zombies come knocking at TEOTWAWKI. It's easy to see what's wrong with these presumptions when you are looking through a narrow lens.

If your faith in human decency and the community in which you live is that low, than maybe you should take steps to improve that community. In a crisis, those ties will do more for your survival than a secret escape plan or a backpack full of ammo stashed under your bed.   

Take from this practice what you will. In an actual disaster or crisis the informed and prepared individual has a critical decision to make: do you stand alone, or do you fight for and with your community? I know where I stand, but you will need to decide for yourself.

Is hiding and hoarding a secret cache of supplies really a practical survival strategy? If you think so, you won't make it very long. The survival of humanity requires the survival of community; and communities require organization and a shared ideology. 

Use this map as an example. Rather than to interpret it through the lens of the "lone survivalist," imagine the potential the prepared individual might have as a community organizer in a time of crisis. Get to know your surroundings, AND your neighbors. If a catastrophe were to send your neighborhood into a panic, stand up and take charge, or help someone else to. Point out the wealth of resources around you, help people to combine and ration those resources, and settle in for the long haul.

*I've recently started streaming live video from my cell phone while tigerwalking. The performances are unscheduled and impromptu. You can see feed here or watch recorded clips on my youtube channel.