fighting the good fight; the uphill battle of an artist emerging

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Why is Art so rewarding? Because the evolution of game has made this into an uphill battle. Creation is so effortless and pure. Steep that in the noxious brew of peer competition, the economics of survival, self-doubt, and self-pity, and things get a bit ugly and complicated. I have a friend who is obsessed with […]

Small Wonders at Garson Baker Fine Art, New York

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A few of my Worshipping Mammon pieces have been included in the Small Wonders exhibition at Garson Baker Fine Art in Chlesea NYC. It looks like a really cool show.  Show runs June 26th-Aug 2nd, 2008. 511 W 25th St, Suite 401, NY, NY 10001 hours: Tues-Sat, 11am-6pm 212.675.8200 this piece is: George Foreman Grill and Coconuts […]

Passive Solar Window awnings for my studio

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Okay, I finally got these bitching new awnings hung over my studio windows. I designed them using an amazing online tool from Sustainable Design. You can use some basic info to maximize summer shade + winter solar gain. My friend Nolan King help with the engineering and installation. They were built by Studio Sean Pope in Albuquerque. I […]

Direction and Ideas

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A good friend of mine just flew into town for the weekend. As I was showing him around my studio, he noted the reoccurrence + theme of airplanes/avionics. Right now I am really interested in paper airplanes, models, and kites. I guess I took my flight paraphernalia for granted thinking the more obvious interest in the room would […]

Finished SITE Santa Fe Lucky #7 Biennial Piece

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Here is the finished bottle sculpture installed at the Santa Fe Opera in the west end of the parking lot.

big yellow glasses

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…back from powder coating (for The Mayor Rests)

The Hare is a Jerk

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Ideas come so fast.  Making moves so slow. Today I feel like I am in a holding pattern as my mind races past my hands. It’s like the tortoise and hare race, but with the hare berating the tortoise with a bull horn the whole time “Seriously? Are you still wasting time on that idea? […]

Inflatable Art – The Mayor Rests to Debut At Biennial Southwest, Albuquerque Art Museum

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Following the launch of it’s new wing, the Albuquerque Art Museum is hosting it’s second Biennial Southwest Exhibition. Curated from over 750 artists, the exhibition will feature the work of 65 artists working in New Mexico, Texas, and Arizona.The exhibition was curated by Dr. Stephanie Hanor from MOCA San Diego.The show runs Sept. 28th – Nov. 30th […]

Site Biennial #7 Piece Complete

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Shortly after nightfall we completed our piece for the SITE Santa Fe Biennial. The final component, a scale fascia comprised of a quilt of cut bottle faces, came together beautifully. The effect is somewhat lost in the nighttime photo of the piece below. The completed pieces are to be installed at the Santa Fe Opera […]

More Fuji documentation

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Here is a sketch from Hiroshi showing the desired final installation.