TTF Video Excerpt

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TTF Video Excerpt

A sample from TTF, a dual channel video (28 minutes, looping) that I made in 2011. This clip is an excerpt and montage of the two screens.

New Money Art

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New Money Art

I’m working on some new money art that breaks ranks with the subject matter I have been consumed with for the past several years. Stay tuned, I hope to have an image to share soon… In the meantime, enjoy another look at this collage of Pepper Spray Cop rendered in US Money.

West Collects Prize 2012

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West Collects Prize 2012

The West Collection is conducting an exciting collection competition this year. West Collects 2012 will award a substantial cash prize to the winner of an iPhone/iPad based popularity contest. To vote, you will need to download the West Collects App from this link. Please download the app, search for me by name, and click “I […]

Repent in Haste Pepper Spray Cop!

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Repent in Haste Pepper Spray Cop!

Repent Pepper Spray Cop; REPENT! This is a collage (US Currency on a vintage book cover) that I created to donate to: Spread the Word” • An Art Auction Benefiting 826LA. I felt that is was about time that Pepper Spray Cop should brutalize protestors in an original artwork. Spread the Word is a one-night […]

We Are The Many

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We Are The Many

A friend just shared this fantastic folk-rebellion song on facebook. I am shocked it has so few views. This is a really nicely put together piece that encapsulates a number of my personal frustrations with the current state of the Union. Please enjoy and share! *Update >> Makana played this at the APEC dinner in […]

Select Press for A Hero Never Fails at Freight + Volume

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Select Press for <em>A Hero Never Fails</em> at Freight + Volume

The press response for my show A Hero Never Fails has been stellar. Here are a few of the must reads: Art in Review by Ken Johnson   Best in Show by Robert Shuster   Giving up on Underdog, an Interview by Mayukh Sen   Installation Artists at Chelsea Gallery… by Alison Martin     […]

The Dying Gaul – RMCAD – Sept. 9th

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Please join me at the opening of a new solo exhibition at the Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design. Opening Reception Friday, September 2, 3:00 – 7:00 pm Exhibition dates: August 26 – October 7, 2011 Philip J. Steele Gallery, Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design   About the Work “The deflating white […]

A Hero Never Fails – Freight + Volume, Aug. 4th

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My first solo show in New York,  A Hero Never Fails, opens at Freight + Volume on August 4th, 2011.   The centerpiece of the exhibit, is a defeated caricature of the 60’s cartoon character Underdog titled “Hero.” The goofball “hero who never fails” has resigned to abject apathy. Strung out on the “super vitamin […]

New work available through Mark Moore

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A few new taxcut pieces are now available through Mark Moore Gallery. Get em while they’re hot.. Bada Boom, 14″ x 11″ , US Currency on canvas, 2011 Visby, 14″ x 11″ , US Currency on canvas, 2011

Save Our Democracy! Don’t buy Koch Industries’ products.

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Please avoid buying Koch Industries products. American Democracy needs your vote today, tomorrow, and every time you encounter a Koch brand. Choose any other brand, and keep boycotting this Plutocracy-fueling schlock until these jokers learn to keep their greedy hands off of working people’s throats:   Don’t buy Koch Industry Gasoline:   Chevron Union Union […]