It Won’t Fail Because of Me

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It Won’t Fail Because of Me

Today I resigned from a comfortable position and paycheck to embark on the biggest adventure yet — co-founding a company.

Branding @Pay

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Branding @Pay

@Pay is an amazing technology that should have existed years ago. They send money through email. It radically simplifies purchases, donations, political contributions and pooling money for causes. I was recently hired to help re-brand and launch this exciting start up. I encourage you to check them out at and on twitter at @atpay

Interview in One Two One Two Microphone Check

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Interview in One Two One Two Microphone Check

Here is the transcript of a recent interview I did for Issue #12 of One Two One Two Microphone Check. If you haven’t read this interview-only magazine before, I highly suggest you check it out!   Chad Person; Artist The Work Questionnaire. What made you go the way you chose to go? I was headed […]

We Are The Many

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We Are The Many

A friend just shared this fantastic folk-rebellion song on facebook. I am shocked it has so few views. This is a really nicely put together piece that encapsulates a number of my personal frustrations with the current state of the Union. Please enjoy and share! *Update >> Makana played this at the APEC dinner in […]

Save Our Democracy! Don’t buy Koch Industries’ products.

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Please avoid buying Koch Industries products. American Democracy needs your vote today, tomorrow, and every time you encounter a Koch brand. Choose any other brand, and keep boycotting this Plutocracy-fueling schlock until these jokers learn to keep their greedy hands off of working people’s throats:   Don’t buy Koch Industry Gasoline:   Chevron Union Union […]

the new situation

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One week post opp and I got a great look at the new situation. The Doc. says I’ll be as strong as ever. Anyone who’s ever tried to use a screw-gun gently can appreciate the one that goes all the way through… Please send me your rare earth magnets so I can practice my new […]

the trouble with trouble

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…a reminder from the ego-police that maybe I’m not as tough as I think, and perhaps not every bike ride is a good idea. I am having surgery today, and I’ll be slowed down for a few months of recovery. Thanks to all for your ongoing support.

When you’re ready to lose

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Fear is not the enemy. The sharpest moments of clarity I have experienced, continuously follow situations threatening incredible loss. Hardwired, savage “wake the fuck up” moments chase fear for the loss of my life, mobility, status, comfort, personal health, and the health of my loved ones. Today I am moved. Is each year another precarious […]

tabitha rests

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My cat died today and I am devastated.  Before meeting Tabitha 6 years ago I really didn’t care for cats at all. I’ve just always been a dog person. When my dog first met her, he tried to bite her head off (literally). In the following years, she’s won us both over such that today, […]

Burning Bridges

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It’s been quite the year. My mind is ripe with ideas, but my hands are raw from the labor. Soon there will be time to soothe wounds healing and progress made. Arrest the gremlin that sits on your shoulder and tells you to eat chips and do little.