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I am excited to participate in Market Value, a show designed to crtique of wealth and worth at Columbia College in Chicago. Steve Juras did an excellent job curating a group of thougthful and impressive artists. Read the details below:

Market-Value-A+D-gallery-Columbia-Chad-PersonCurated by Steve Juras

Show dates:

February 28 – April 20, 2013

Opening Reception:

February 28, 5-8 pm

Special in-house screening of art critic Ben Lewis’ 2009 documentary The Great Contemporary Art Bubble, followed by a conversation with the curator and artists Angela Finney-Hoffman, Kyle Fletcher, and Jason Frohlichstein.

Market Value: Examining Wealth and Worth is a multi-faceted investigation of economic, commercial and aesthetic value. Featuring artists from across the country working in a variety of media, this formal and conceptual cross section unpacks the tenuous relationship between value, wealth, and worth in contemporary culture.

Participating artists include Alice BradshawKate Bingaman-BurtAngela Finney-HoffmanKyle FletcherJason Frohlichstein, Mark Merrit, Mitch Hollingsworth, William Napperson, Steve Moore, Ches Perry, Chad PersonJason Polan, and William Powhida.

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Check out the catalog and get more info on the A+D Gallery page.