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One of my Worshiping Mammon currency mosaics was recently gifted to the New Mexico Museum of Art in Santa Fe. It has been included in a show highlighting new collections. The show is on display Aug 30, 2013 – Jan 19, 2014.

From the Museum:

money-art-chad-person-iPodMuseums collect not for themselves but for an audience. Our choices are purposeful and steered by a variety of criteria, such as the museum’s mission and role in the community, ideas or artistic practices that are specific to the region, and the important figures in the creative life of a community. Collecting Is Curiosity/Inquiry illustrates two sides of the collecting coin: curiosity and inquiry. Curiosity and inquiry are guiding principles for artists and curators alike, and are equal factors in building a collection and curating an exhibition. This exhibition highlights more than twenty works from the permanent collection, mostly recent acquisitions, in order to illustrate how the museum thinks about building the collection and the formal and thematic connections that can be made among artworks.