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Why today was the right day to ditch my paycheck and begin living with no buffer.

I’ve spent almost a decade in the workforce, slowly climbing other people’s ladders. It’s been fun, rewarding, profitable and mostly very safe.

No more.

Today I resigned from a comfortable position and paycheck to embark on the biggest adventure yet — co-founding a company and building a platform that helps developers ship MVPs faster.

I’m excited, and a bit terrified.

For every moment of confidence and clarity of purpose, I spend many other moments attempting to drown out lizard-brain fear with obnoxiously loud DJ Khaled.

Fortunately, this fear is quickly fading into the background — like the white noise of my refrigerator. My rational brain has decoded the irony locked in the wavelengths of that hum: this leap into the great “unknown” is much more familiar than it appears.

I’ve probably never been more secure in my professional life. My past three projects (jobs) were built at startups. My new project is also a startup; undertaken with two of the best and most talented partners you could ask for.

But like that refrigerator, my lizard brain doesn’t stop humming:

This is crazy. All the things can go wrong!”

STFU lizard brain.

This isn’t crazy; it’s cut and dry. I’m leveraging time and energy to solve a problem. That solution has value.

My partners and I are all in — willing to do whatever it takes to solve our chosen problem and build value in the world. Sure, we’re taking on some risk. But really, we’re just deciding to work without a buffer.


Where will the money come from?


In the past, my co-founders and I built value solving other people’s problems. It’s been a great life so far; I’ll trust the data!

A boss/company/project/paycheck are just layers of safety glass between the employee and the uncertainty that underpins every business venture. Routine teaches that if a paycheck comes from someone else, it is reliable (even when it isn’t)… Worry paralyzes us into thinking that leaving stability, especially with a family in tow, is too risky… It’s all just a matter of perspective.


What if cash gets tight?


Why should I worry? Fuck worry. I’d rather get to work.

You know what? Suddenly the world is ten times bigger and a hundred times more thrilling. I’m diving into a project with more passion and investment than I’ve ever had – the outcome will be the best possible.


What if the business fails?


It’s time to do this. Stop piping up and get out of my head. I’m going to maintain my perspective because from where I’m sitting, the world looks pretty spectacular with #nobuffer.


If you’re considering quitting a job or taking a similar leap of faith, I hope you found this useful and I’d love to hear what you’re thinking about.


  1. Max Presneill
    October 15, 2014

    Thinking of leaving my position too, but need to figure out what to replace it with….. anyone who knows me out there and knows what might fit can let me know 🙂 BEST OF LUCK, CHAD!!!!!

  2. jason
    October 16, 2014

    You guys are going to do BIG things. Excited to watch it happen. hustle hard.

  3. Girl in Beta
    November 19, 2014

    I don’t know how I missed this, but I found it through Kristelle’s post.

    This is awesome, and so true, and I’m excited to watch you on this adventure.

    I’m pretty sure you guys will always be successful in anything you pursue. You’re all pretty damn rare.

    Best of luck.

    • Kate
      January 10, 2015

      Good Luck! (Im just a stranger passing through!)


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